How do payments work between driver and passenger?



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    Mark Grotenhuis

    There is a lot of info missing.:

    What payment methods are available?

    Is there a fee to charge your account?

    What is the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account, and is there a withdraw fee?

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    Martin Voorzanger

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for helping us to make our Knowledge Base more 'knowledgeable'.

    To answer your questions:

    1- Payment methods. At this moment, only bank transfers are available. The advantage of bank transfers are: reliable, safe and very cheap

    2- Fee to charge. There is no fee to charge your account

    3- Withdrawals. There is no minimum amount to withdraw from your account. The only restriction is that you can only withdraw once per month. There is no withdrawal fee.


    With the introduction of SEPA in 2014 and by introducing other payment options, we may need to revise the fees and terms.

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